What's it all about?

The patented EazzyPress system is the fast, compact, convenient and portable way to press all items of clothing, large and small. Featuring one-handed operation for effortless ironing without any of the setup and inconvenience of a bulky ironing board. Just use a gentle gliding motion across the surface of your clothes, uniquely sandwiched between two Teflon coated plates, for the quickest and eazziest, wrinkle-free results. The temperature can be fully adjusted and regulated plus there is a handy light to indicate that you EazzyPress is ready to use.

Versatile & Portable.

If you're short on time or space and the thought of getting the iron board out fills you with dread, then the EazzyPress offers the perfect solution.

  • Running late for work and need to quickly iron a fresh shirt and tie? EazzyPress
  • Guests coming round and need to refresh your curtains? EazzyPress
  • Unpacked your favourite holiday dress and its full of creases? EazzyPress
  • Changed your mind on that last minute outfit for a night out with the girls? EazzyPress
  • On a business trip and need a sharp creases ironing in your suit trousers? EazzyPress

Whether you're at home or away, the EazzyPress can save the day. If you're heading away on business or a holiday, simply pack your portable EazzyPress with you in the FREE bonus travel bag provided, and you can conveniently press any items without calling on room service. It really couldn't be eazzier, more convenient or versatile to operate.

Small in size.

Big on Power.

The compact EazzyPress can tackle all of the items a conventional iron would and more. Three distinct heat settings can be fully regulated.

  • Low - for nylon, acrylic, and polyester
  • Medium - for wool and polyester blends
  • High and Max - for cotton, linen, and denim

For more targeted performance, just spritz your clothing with water from the handy bottle provided.

There's no need to remove your curtains either, you can simply press them hanging in place. Just think about the money you could also save on costly dry cleaning bills?

The Science & The Tech.

Your EazzyPress features two Teflon coated plates that provide even heat distribution, for quick and consistent ironing results. Just place the item you wish to iron between the two hot plates on your chosen heat setting. Squeeze the plates together tightly and work across the fabric in all directions using gliding motions, working your way out sideways to the outer edges of your garment. For best results, we recommend starting in the centre of your item. Due to the innovative design of the plates, you can effortlessly glide around buttons, get into the tight angles of collars and cuffs and create those perfect, sharply pressed trouser creases that you get back from the professional dry cleaners. ​

With its patented ergonomic grip, extended handle, the EazzyPress is so easy to operate. So easy in fact that it's been designed for use one-handed. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market, and we are proud to bring modernity and innovation to the age-old tradition of ironing with this sleek and compact, portable design.

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