How to guide


We appreciate your purchase. We hope you enjoy using EazzyPress and it helps you in your everyday life. Being a brand new product you may need to use your EazzyPress a few times before you find your very own technique, but in the meantime here’s our how to guide to get you started!


The hook and hanger

Select the door you’d like to use (this will need to be within reach of a power socket) then place the over-door hook provided in the centre at the top of the door. For best results we recommend you use a clothes 1hanger without a crossbar.


Selecting temperature

EazzyPress works on a variety of fabric types, you can select the correct temperature by turning the temperature dial to the corresponding fabric type.If you are unsure about which temperature setting to use, please refer to the clothing label. If your fabric needs 2 more heat, then turn it up but check on an unwanted piece first.


Understanding your new Eazzypress

EazzyPress has been designed with many features, the main feature is the handle design which when held correctly allows you to reach into the centre of any garment without bunching up the fabric, when using your EazzyPress allow the fabric to collect in the handle area. You will also find on the handle the locking mechanism which you can slide forward to lock the plates together for safe storage.


First use and what the lights mean

When you first turn your EazzyPress on after selecting the desired temperature and before you start ironing, make sure you lock the plates together so the heat is transferred into the lower plate. When you select a temperature the light will come on, the light will remain on until the temperature is reached, once the temperature has been reached the light will turn off. This is not the product turning off, just an indication that the heating up process has successfully completed. The light will go on and off throughout the use. This is entirely normal.


The water spray bottle

We recommend that you spray your fabric before you start ironing, this will ensure you get the best results from your EazzyPress. We recommend 8 sprays for the front and 8 sprays for the back. For very stubborn wrinkles you should use more. When ironing over wet patches, you must iron slowly to allow your EazzyPress to regain the 6 desired temperature.

When heating up before ironing, ensure the plates are in the closed position.


Using your Eazzypress on a shirt or blouse

Before you start ironing make sure your shirt is as flat as possible by brushing it with your hands. We recommend you start in the middle and glide downwards working out towards the edges of the shirt. When ironing shirt sleeves, we recommend you hold out the 7 sleeve with your opposite hand, start at either end and iron.

When heating up before ironing, ensure the plates are in the closed position.


Using your Eazzypress on Trousers

Before you start ironing make sure your trousers are as flat as possible by brushing them with your hands. We recommend using a clip hanger or hook your trousers through the belt loop holes. Start at the top and slowly work your way down, you may need to do a few 8 passes to remove all the wrinkles.

Using your Eazzypress on your other clothes

EazzyPress works on many clothes, be sure to follow the above instructions to get the best out of your EazzyPress. Being a brand new product we hope you will find your very own techniques too, maybe you’ll even teach us a thing or two!

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